Myanmar - The Golden Land

18 Oct 2014 - 17 May 2015

While Myanmar with an area of  678.500 km² and a population of approximately 55 million people belongs to the largest countries in Southeast Asia, its culture and history are almost entirely unknown in Europe. Due to the recent political changes, the country has attracted considerable public interest and has been featured extensively in the international media. The exhibition of the Linden-Museum will introduce the art and culture of this fascinating country to the European public and aims at promoting a better understanding and appreciation of Myanmar culture, history and art - through and through shaped by Buddhist religiosity as they are.

The exhibition is subdivided in six major thematic sections, grouped around the relationship between religion, art, culture and lifestyles in Myanmar.

"Making of" by Thiemo Hehl

Catalogue (only in German):
de Castro, Inés / Noack, Georg (ed.): Myanmar - Das Goldene Land, 256 pages, EUR 24,95

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Family ticket: EUR 16,- (2 adults and children under 19 years)
Free admission for children under 13 years
Audio guide (German/English): EUR 3,-

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