Un museo

An audio-guide by Giuliana Kiersz

What lies behind an object, behind an exhibition hall, behind a museum, behind a voice? Argentine author and artist Giuliana Kiersz, 2020/21 fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude, has created Un museo, a poetic and feminist audio-guide for thinking the Linden-Museum. It was written from encounters and interviews with people working at the institution around the status of the collections and the aims of the Linden-Museum. Un museo takes the format of an audio-guide that often creates a sense of truth and displays a hierarchy to transform it from and into a feminist space where to reflect on the role of museums in post-colonial times. It raises the question: what does a museum say about the society where it exists?

Idea, text and voice in Spanish, English and German: Giuliana Kiersz
Translation to English: William Gregory
Translation to German: Timo Berger
Sound design: Ben Osborn
Photo: Antú Martín

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