Samir Mansour

Samir Mansour plays in his home on the oud the song "Samai Kurd" by Wanis Wartanian, a composer from Aleppo. He wanted to perform it live at the event "The Old Town of Aleppo in Change" organized by the association "Friends of the Old Town of Aleppo" on April 21, 2020 at the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart. Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled due to the situation regarding Covid-19.

Samir Mansour received his musical education for oud, kanun and tuba in Syria, among others at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Damascus. He played with Syrian state orchestras and in radio and television broadcasts. His compositional work ranges from Arabic film music to classical music and award-winning theatre music. He is also a founding member of the Palestine Youth Orchestra, which was founded in Jordan in 2004.

Samir Mansour has been living in Germany since 1999. In addition to art music ensembles such as "Layalina", he devotes himself above all to projects with a focus on intercultural dialogue. From 2008 to 2013, he directed the newly founded Intercultural Orchestra Tübingen. Since 2007 he has been the initiator and director of the Hiwar Choir in Stuttgart, a German-Arab intercultural project. Samir Mansour teaches oud at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim.

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