Oishii! Japan's Food Culture

October, 15th 2016 to April, 23rd 2017

„Oishii!“ – „It tastes good!“ – is one of the most common words in Japan to describe food. It is an expression of culinary taste which goes hand in hand with the social and cultural identity of the one who eats. That is why food is much more than merely nutrition. It is a “total social fact” (M. Mauss) which is connected to all spheres of human living and which, if thought as a window, permits a glance at the different aspects of a culture and a society.

Against this background, the Linden-Museum Stuttgart will address the Japanese food and drinking culture in a large special exhibition. What complex technological achievements are necessary for the production and preparation of food? How have eating habits changed over the course of history? Who eats what when? The exhibition attempts to trace these questions.

At the same time, the eye will be directed towards a rich material culture. Originals from our own collections, among them many which have never been shown before, as well as items on loan from home and abroad are presented. Based on the object situation, the following core themes, alongside a general introduction into the topic, become crystallized: rice cultivation and its importance for the Japanese society; sake, a “holy drink”; the role of fish, seafood and algae in the Japanese cuisine; vegetables and condiments; noodles; Bentô; food to go (picnic); the world of tea cultures (chanoyu and sencha).

Multimedia elements as an integrated part of the exhibition link the mostly historic objects with the present but include Japanese voices as well.

To deepen and to add to the exhibited topics, a diverse program of talks, films, tea ceremonies, sake and whisky tastings and other events is offered.

A free children’s booklet for young visitors will playfully lead them through the exhibition.

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EUR 10.-/8.-
Family ticket: EUR 20.-
Groups: EUR 8.- per person
Audio guide (German/English): EUR 3.-

Catalogue (in German)
edited by Uta Werlich, Inés de Castro and Toko Shimomura, Stuttgart: Arnoldsche, 2016, 224 pages, EUR 24.90
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