Oceania - Continent of Islands

Since humans discovered and settled the Pacific island worlds thousands of years ago, there have been manifold connections between the widely scattered land areas in the largest ocean on earth. The exhibition presents everyday tools and works of art, shows common and special features from almost all regions of the Pacific.

Boat models from Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia testify to the importance of the sea for trade and communication among neighbours and over long distances. Sculptures and masks from New Guinea as well as the Bismarck Archipelago refer to religion and a unique ceremonial art. Another highlight of the exhibition is a carved house from Aotearoa/New Zealand, which stands not least for the continuous history of art and design everywhere in Oceania. In addition, the exhibition focuses on textiles, their meaning and their materials, as well as on body adornment and tattooing in the past and present.

Interactive media address questions of provenance research, museum order and museum work. Information on the acquisition history of individual collections focuses on the colonial period, which brought great social and political upheaval for the people of Oceania, but was also marked by enduring social and cultural self-assertion.

Admission: EUR 4.00/3.00 / Families: EUR 8.00

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