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North America


The Linden Museum's North American ethnological collection is one of the most significant in all of Europe. At the centre of the collection are objects drawn from the indigenous Plains cultures, particularly the Mandan-Sioux. Most famous of all are the bison robes of the Mandan chief Mato-tope that Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied brought back from his travels through North America in 1832 - 34. Iroquoian Pearl embroidery, Inuit tools and garments, the headdresses of California's Hupa, and woodcarvings from the Pacific Northwest all document the indigenous cultures of the North American continent. Of special interest is the kachina doll collection, where one of the figurines once belonged to Max Ernst, who lived a few years in Arizona.

The North America collection is due to lack of space currently not on display. Thank you for your understanding.