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LindenLAB 7

El „buen vivir“ mapuche –  What is a "good life"?

9 December 2022 - 25 June 2023

LindenLAB 7 explores and explains the Mapuche philosophical and cosmological concept of ‘buen vivir’, ‘good life’, through a new collection produced by Mapuche silversmiths from Contulmo, Wallmapu (Southern Chile). What do their land, their ancestral territories mean to the Mapuche? How do they get in touch with the ancestors, the knowledge bearers of their culture?

The Mapuche in southern Chile were autonomous until 1883. The conquest by the Chilean military cost half of the Mapuche population their lives, they lost over 90 % of their territories. Afterwards, European, mainly German, settlers were deliberately recruited to colonize the land. Timber companies also manage a large part of the northern Mapuche territory by creating eucalyptus and pine plantations for the production of pulp.

LindenLAB 7 aims to explore new ways of collecting for an ethnological museum while also contrast worldviews and illuminate colonialism's contempt for humanity. It is created in participatory collaboration with Mapuche representatives from Cañete, Chile.

The LindenLAB is funded by the Ethnological Collections Initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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