LindenLAB 5

(in) relationships
challenging / (un)learning / breaking open

30 March 2021 - 16 October 2022

LindenLAB 5 deals with the relationships between people, objects and the institution museum. How are these relationships formed and how can they be changed? Especially the topic of language is essential for a museum and the transfer of knowledge. Exhibition texts, event calendars and press releases are media that speak to and with visitors.

As a museum, we take a position on this: What does it mean to write in a non-discriminatory and gender-sensitive way? How can we make texts easier to understand through easy language? How can we change our everyday spoken language? What structures must be broken down to achieve this? Which images do we use and which not?

The LindenLAB is funded by the Ethnological Collections Initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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