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Latin America


The Linden Museum's Latin American collection places an emphasis on two subjects, the archaeological region of the Central Andes and the Amazon River region. The highlight of this collection are the ceramics and golden objects of the desert-dwelling Moche civilization which flourished on Peru’s Pacific coast (ca. 3rd – 8th century CE). Among these fine objects are two gilded masks and a fox’s head rendered in a gold-copper alloy, all taken from one of the Moche civilization’s most sacred sites, the Moon Pyramid. The Amazon River region is represented by older collections from both central Brazil as well as from the northwest Amazon (northwestern Brazil and Colombia). New acquisitions have enriched our inventories with high-quality objects from the Kayapó, Wayana-Apalai, Zoé and many other groups, such that it can be said that the Linden Museum possesses one of the world’s most significant Amazonia collections.

The Latin America collection is due to lack of space currently not on display.