Far Eastern Art

Please note:
The Department of Far Eastern Art is closed for construction until spring 2024.

The Department of Far Eastern Art exhibitions highlight the material cultures of China and Japan. In recent years the department has enhanced its permanent exhibition galleries so that they include its spectacular pieces and new acquisitions.

The art of China section includes a display of funeral objects such as ritual bronzes and figurative ceramics that elucidate the complex theme of ancient Chinese burial rites. Six thousand years of Chinese ceramic traditions are also on display, as well as paintings from the 17th to the 20th century, and art objects dating from the 14th to the 19th century.

Scroll paintings and applied art objects embody the artistic heritage of Japan. A number of these items are on display in a reconstructed teahouse and a traditional domestic living room.



View into the Japanese living room © studios dell‘ arte

Netsuke Online Catalogue
The collection of Japanese Netsuke – miniature carvings that served as belt toggles up into the 19th century – constitutes one of the Linden-Museum’s most important collections. Made up of 800 objects, the majority of these items were donated by the industrialist married couple of Christian and Anna Trumpf. Thanks to the generous support of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation, an online catalogue has now been realized.

Collections online
Collections online offers you open virtual access to the holdings of the Linden Museum Stuttgart. Here you will find detailed information, interesting stories and background information on objects and cultures from all over the world.