Chapter Germany 徳国篇章

Everyday Experiences of Tübingen Students from China

22 January - 17 July 2022

Arriving in a foreign country, studying at the University of Tübingen, cooking spaghetti in the dormitory kitchen, bringing expectations with them, making new friends and dreaming of the future - these are the stories told by 26 Tübingen students from China in the exhibition on show. Tübingen is representative of all German universities: Students from China have long been the largest group of foreign students at German universities. But how do the students from China experience their everyday life in Tübingen? What experiences do they have at the university? What problems do they encounter? What is new and important for them? How can they get along with each other on campus? And above all: what do they ultimately take back home with them from their stay in Germany - from their own "Chapter Germany"?

In order to be able to answer these questions, they were accompanied in their everyday lives by 12 Master's students from the Ludwig Uhland Institute for Empirical Cultural Studies in Tübingen in a three-semester study project. Through interviews, numerous joint cooking evenings and excursions, friendships were formed and the study project group became partners in joint research. The experiences of the Chinese students are the subject of the exhibition and they themselves have their say in it.

The exhibition "Chapter Germany" was created in close cooperation with the China Centrum Tübingen and the students and teachers of the International Master of Interior Architectural Design programme at the HFT Stuttgart. It will be shown in the Linden Museum Stuttgart as a cabinet exhibition in the East Asia Department.

An illustrated 300-page book will accompany the exhibition. It can be purchased for EUR 19.00 in the museum shop and from TVV-Verlag.

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