At home in Stuttgart

A participatory exhibition
21 July - 14 October 2018

What does it mean to be at home in Stuttgart? Who are the people involved and what are the things and feelings that contribute to this sense of belonging?

In this participatory exhibition, children and young people consider these questions together with the artists Patricia Thoma, Ülkü Süngün and students of Merz Akademie Stuttgart. Employing various artistic techniques, the participants work from their own experience of living in Stuttgart, each drawing a different picture of their city and sounding out what amounts to harmonious cohabitation. In this exhibition it is not only the question as to what constitutes "home" that is posed, but also whether the objects of the Linden-Museum can be said to belong to the city of Stuttgart.  "At home in Stuttgart" combines themes of belonging and exclusion with the colonial discourse regarding the collection of objects.

In this exhibition we make use of an intersectional and transcultural approach, anti-bias education, dialogic learning methods, as well as artistic techniques, to sensitize the individual to power structures with the hope of avoiding their reproduction.

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