Oceania - Continent of Islands

New collection presentation
From 9 April 2022

The Linden-Museum Stuttgart will be showing its new collection presentation "Oceania - Continent of Islands" from 9 April 2022.

Since humans discovered and settled the island worlds in the Pacific thousands of years ago, there have been diverse connections between the widely scattered land areas in the largest sea on earth. With more than 250 everyday objects and works of art from the collection of the Linden Museum, the exhibition shows common and special features from the Pacific region.

Boat models from Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia bear witness to the importance of the sea for trade and communication over long distances. Sculptures and masks from New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago refer to religion and unique ceremonial art. A carved house from Aotearoa New Zealand recounts the continuing history of art and design in Oceania. Textiles, body jewellery and tattooing combine the useful, the beautiful and the ritual - in the past and present.

Interactive media shed light on the provenance of the objects, their order within the museum and how work is done there. Information on the acquisition history of individual collections brings the colonial era into focus, which meant sometimes violent social and political changes for the people in Oceania. The resulting social and cultural self-assertion still shapes them today. This is also the subject of the exhibition.

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