Prof. Dr. Inés de Castro
Tel. +49.711.2022-401

Director of Finance
Sebastian Baier
Tel. +49.711.2022-500

Assistant to the Director
Adelheid Lehmann
Tel. +49.711.2022-401
Fax: +49.711.2022-590

Scientific Departments and Projects

Head of Collections and Research
Dr. Laura Osorio Sunnucks
Tel. +49.711.2022-405

Dr. Fiona Siegenthaler
Tel. +49.711.2022-406

Temidayo Oyeniran
Tel. +49.711.2022-419

The Americas
Dr Nikolaus Stolle
Tel. +49.711.2022-402

Islamic Orient
Dr Annette Krämer
Tel. +49.711.2022-407

Dr. Ulrich Menter
Tel. +49.711.2022-404

East, Southeast and South Asia
East Asia and Mainland Southeast Asia
Dr. Georg Noack
Tel. +49.711.2022-408

South Asia and Maritime Southeast Asia
Dr. Nandini Thilak (currenty on parental leave)
Tel. +49.711.2022-433

Exhibitions & Projects
Katja Scharff
Tel. +49.711.2022-442

Christoph Nägele
Tel. +49.711.2022-432

Manda Zarko

Provenance Research 
Markus Himmelsbach
Tel. +49.711.2022-422

Editorial Team "Tribus"
Dr. Georg Noack
Tel. +49.711.2022-408


Head of Department
Christiane Lindner
Tel. +49.711.2022-403

Conservation & Depots

Head of Department
Diana Gabler
Tel. +49.711.2022-434

Organic Material

Andrea Steffen

Tel. +49.711.2022-412


Inorganic Material

Ute Doberschütz

Tel. +49.711.2022-413


Organic Material

Nina Frankenhauser

Tel. +49.711.2022-411


Isabel Klotz

Tel. +49.711.2022-410

Museum Depot
Klaus Klüter
Tel. +49.711.2022-537

Abderrahim Ouarzazi
Tel. +49.711.2022-426

Information desk

Daniela Bader, Ibrahim Kocaoglu, Mirofora Matseridou, Andrea Wörz

Tel. +49.711.2022-3

Communication / Education

Press office
Martin Otto-Hörbrand
Tel. +49.711.2022-444

Harald Völkl
Tel. +49.711.2022-444

Mike Schattschneider
Tel. +49.711.2022-555

Paula Johanna Nazaruk (Monday - Thursday)
Tel. +49.711.2022-430

Nina Schmidt (Wednesday - Friday)
Tel. +49.711.2022-428

Luise Menz
Tel. +49.711.2022-445

Guided tours
Andreas Volkwein
Tel. +49.711.2022-579
Office hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9.30 am - 12 am
2 pm - 4 pm
(school holidays only Thursday)

Administration and Technical Services

Head of Personnel and Finances
Maike Schlünß
Tel. +49.711.2022-431

Katinka Schwan (currently on maternal leave)
Tel. +49.711.2022-421

Jeanette Scharnowski, Robert Gabriel
Opening hours for external users: Tuesday, Thursday 10 am - 12 am and 1 pm - 4 pm, Wednesday 10 am - 12 am and 1 pm - 6 pm, Friday: 10 am - 12 am. Please register in advance by calling phone:  Tel. +49.711.2022-510,

Commissioner for Data Protection
Dr. Marcus Hoinle
Tel. +49.711.2022-424

Digitization / Database / Collections online
Eva Kurz
Tel. +49.711.2022-415

Documentation / IT
Iris Müller 
Tel. +49.711.2022-423

Photographic Requests
Katja Scharff
Tel. +49.711.2022-442

Dominik Drasdow
Tel. +49.711.2022-414

Loan of Objects
Katja Scharff
Tel. +49.711.2022-442

Security Manager
Thore Möller
Tel. +49.711.2022-564

Museum Guards and Security
Astrid Drey, Stefan Dürr, Christiane Fänger, Michaela Kern, Ludmila Konradi, Choung-Guk Lee, Susanna Messerschmidt-Sacher, Marcus Ott, Sandra Szameitat, Xiao Wie Wang

Shop (Purchasing/Organization)
Ahmet Sarimehmet
Tel. +49.172.1910829

Shop (Customer orders)
Ingrid Renz
Tel. +49.711.2022-425

Technical Services
Ioan Wagner, Valerio D'Ambrosio, Erdal Gökmen, Michael Salmen, Jens Steppuhn
Tel. +49.711.2022-550

Shabana Sharif

Booking the Wanner Hall
Manda Zarko

Contact persons for questions on equal opportunities
Katja Scharff
Tel. +49.711.2022-442

Jeannette Scharnowski
Tel. +49.711.2022-510

Contact persons on sexual harassment, violence and discrimination
Mike Schattschneider
Tel. +49.711.2022-555

Maike Schlünß
Tel. +49.711.2022-431