Behind the Scenes

We realize our projects with international and local partners. We focus on participative processes to gain new and differentiated perspectives. Here we present some of our projects but also encounters in our daily work.

Stolen Soul

Deutsche Welle's documentary (2020) deals with the theft of African cultural assets during the colonial period and explores the question of what is to happen to them in Africa and Europe. The film was shot in our museum, among other places.

Link to the video

Germain Loumpet (Cameroon) in the museum

​​​​​​​In July 2018, thanks to the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation, we had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Germain Loumpet at the Linden-Museum. During his stay, the distinguished museologist, archeologist and anthropologist based in Foumban (Cameroon) explored and shared views on our collections and discussed possible future joint projects with Dr. Sandra Ferracuti, the curator of our Africa Department, Joy Alemazung (Engagement Global), Djenneba Obot, Cathy Plato, and Felix Saka (ABRAC).   


Advisory Board for the Representation of Africa Collections (ABRAC)

On 1 July 2016 we founded the "Advisory Board for the Representation of Africa Collections" (ABRAC). Its members will periodically meet and share dilemmas, perspectives and strategies concerning the representation of the historical legacies and contemporary movements of Africa in the context of the Linden-Museum's exhibitions and events. Members are citizens of Stuttgart with Cameroonian, Congolese, Mozambiquan and Nigerian background.

Founding members are Olimpio Alberto, Nzimbu Mpanu-Mpanu-Plato, Ekarika Nanna Obot, Felix Saka, Natacha Tchoumi Pettie and Sandra Ferracuti, Senior Curator (Africa Department) at the Linden-Museum.

Model from Cameroon

In April 2016, young poet Stone Karim Mohamad, a Stuttgarter from Yaoundé, Cameroon, asked Annie (in the picture) to model for him in a visual narrative. In this image, Annie temporarily “inhabits” the museum reconstruction of a Cameroonian house, where she came not only to explore her native roots, but also to invite all of us to join her because, as Stuttgarters, the museum is a house we all share.